A fakemon I drew waaaay back with Letraset markers. I figured tumblr would appreciate it, maybe~

Name: Graven
Type: Ghost/Flying
Species: Purgatory Pokémon
Info: In folklore of many regions, Graven is known as the Pokémon said to guide lost spirits of both deceased people and Pokémon to rest under its large wings. These spirits are said to be drawn to the glowing eyes that adorn Graven’s body. Scientists across the globe have spent years researching the potential existence of this Pokémon, as the only witnesses ever to see Graven claim it appeared to them during a near death experience. Many psychic mediums dedicate their entire lives to trying to make contact with this elusive Pokémon, and very few claim to have been successful. Ancient carvings depicting a Pokémon with similar markings and body structure to Graven’s were found inscribed on large stone tablets buried deep underground during a routine excavation of a building site, potentially dating back thousands of years to a time when this Pokemon was revered and worshiped as a God. 

Flavour text / Dex entry: In folklore, Graven is said to guard the plane of existence between life and the afterlife. It guides spirits to rest under its wings.

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